Bring on Brazil, say Belgium after late Japan drama

first_imgBelgium passed a test of character with a display of true grit that bodes well for a World Cup quarter-final against Brazil, coach Roberto Martinez said after they came from 2-0 behind to beat Japan 3-2 in injury time.“In the World Cup you want to be perfect — but it’s about getting through, it’s about winning,” said the Spaniard, who was hired after a side packed with English Premier League talent collapsed against Wales in the Euro 2016 quarter-final.“This is down to the personality, to the focus, to the desire, to the never-give-up-attitude of this group of players,” said Martinez after substitute Nacer Chadli slammed home four minutes into stoppage time on Monday, breaking the hearts of Japan fans whose side scored twice early in the second half.“It was a test of character and you see the reaction of our subs coming on to win the game,” he said. “It tells you everything about this group of players.” His other substitute, Marouane Fellaini, scored Belgium’s 74th-minute equaliser.Run ragged at times by the skilful and determined Samurai Blue, who are 58 places behind them at 61st in FIFA’s world rankings, the Red Devils will look hard at their defensive frailties and difficulties in turning pressure into goals before they face Brazil in the quarter-final in just four days.“No negatives today, it was about getting through,” Martinez insisted, offering the highest of praise for Japan’s skill and tactics. “It is a day to be very proud of these players.“Keep believing in Belgium.”For the Brazil game, he said, his side would draw on the lessons of Rostov, when after an apprehensive first half as heavy favourites they had to attack with “nothing to lose” to get back into the match.Against Brazil, who Martinez believes are the best side in the tournament, no one will expect too much from Belgium and the players are relishing that opportunity to try and cause an upset.Captain Eden Hazard said that at 2-0 his side were having flashbacks to their humbling defeat by Wales two years ago.“But the reaction today was huge,” Hazard said. “Maybe this was the kind of game we needed,” he added.Now, he said, “playing Brazil is a dream”.Goalscorer Chadli called his winner “a goal for an entire nation”.Martinez’s 65th-minute substitutions, putting on Chadli for Dries Mertens and Manchester United’s towering Fellaini in the centre in place of Yannick Carrasco on the left, paid off.At times his decision to rest almost his entire first team in a largely meaningless final group win over England on Thursday had looked questionable as Belgium struggled to find each other in the face of buzzing Japanese defence across the park.But, as Japan coach Akira Nishino conceded, the strength in depth on the Belgian bench, well blooded after beating England 1-0, was to make the difference in the last 25 minutes.“The substitutions worked well,” Chadli said.“We’re all here to give it our all … The bench told us to just go for because we were just not in the game.”last_img read more

City Hall workers continue to suffer

first_imgDear Editor,How much longer must the citizens of Georgetown and the workers of City Hall be made to suffer under the Town Clerk? Since the beginning of the year, workers have to suffer the indignity and hardship of being paid late each month. In fact as I write this letter, many workers are still to be paid, contrary to the erroneous report that everyone was paid.And then we see the irksome statement from City Hall which says they are trying to strike a balance between honouring the Council’s financial obligations to its workers and contractors, and providing critical and vital municipal services.The truth of the matter is that the Council’s payroll is bloated, laden with friends and family who are earning super salaries for doing little or nothing.The truth of the matter is that one super contractor continues to cart off hundreds of millions of dollars in a very corrupt arrangement.The Town Clerk is quoted as saying that the council needs to be more efficient with its tax collection, noting that there are outstanding rates and taxes. So what is his debt recovery unit doing?Then he goes into his old worn-out refrain thanking workers for their patience, understanding and support in the effort to restore Georgetown to its pristine state.That is the tune that the cow died on. Can the workers thank their mortgage companies, power and telephone and electricity companies, their grocer, their landlord, minibus drivers, etc, for their patience, understanding and support in the effort to restore Georgetown to its pristine state?The Town Clerk clearly is not as dependent as other workers on his salary to survive and is being condoned by a Local Government Officers Union that has sold out the rights and welfare of the workers.Sincerely,Deodarie Putulallast_img read more

We cannot compete with a modern civilised

first_imgDear Editor,The decline of education in Guyana since the 1980s has been a major concern for every educated Guyanese citizen. As our political and economic condition deteriorated many of our qualified teachers left the country seeking better jobs with better pay and better job incentives. When teachers are poorly paid, the education system cannot attract and keep qualified teachers. The effect of these conditions on student performance is reflected in failures at the primary, secondary and university levels.Performance at Grade Six Assessment as well as CXC and GCE is very disappointing. Failures at the University of Guyana have now become a major concern for the business sector as well as government institutions. Students who are qualified with 6-12 subjects and even university graduates cannot function properly on a job. Many of them cannot write a report or a proper job application letter; they cannot do basic arithmetic, yet they are given a certificate. I know of a student who passed eight subjects including Maths but cannot recite his seven times table and do simple multiplication and fractions.My daughter currently attends St Stanislaus College in Georgetown and she told me a girl teaching her English who is not a trained teacher and many times they have no teachers for a number of subjects.What bothers me most is the amount of projects she has to get done that involves painting, colouring, making demonic objects like a masacurman, I saw her making a little wooden house then she asked for paint to paint it. One day I shopped over $25,000 in things for her so called projects. I am wondering if that College and all our top A schools have now become trade schools rather than an institution of real rigorous studies in a variety of great subjects including a foundation in great literature from Shakespeare to Walcott.Our system of education is producing more and more dunces, all because our politics is to duncify the next generation to control them.The true foundation of education is reading. Today students are seen with ipods, blackberries and all sorts of technical equipment attached to their ears, but a good book for them is something obsolete. My visit to several libraries has proven this, because I haven’t seen a great number of students reading and doing research.Today, television and DVDs as well as vulgar music have taken a toll on our young generation. We are just one generation away from complete illiteracy.The school discipline that was in the Ministry of Education 30 years ago is now thrown out of the school windows.The removal of corporal punishment from our schools has created more disobedient students.Teachers are unable to deal with indisciplined students and thus teachers are now afraid of some students and their parents.A child without a proper education and great moral upbringing will be another nuisance in society. Most of the problems we have seen in the form of domestic violence, drug addiction, prostitution, stealing, etc, are the direct result of illiteracy and poor parental guidance.A survey among the religious community found that over 60 per cent of families attending churches cannot read or write at a competent level. Many of our young people today cannot write their own names properly.As a legal marriage officer I discovered that a great many of our young Guyanese citizens will spell their own names wrongly when they write them, while some will write a ‘call name’ but cannot spell out their real names which are on their birth certificates. While I am not against technology, I believe this age of technology has helped to create more illiterates.Our poor education system has failed since the late LFS Burnham introduced free education from nursery to secondary school. This free system of education failed because our schools cannot produce textbooks for students writing CXC, thus their parents are pushed to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of illegally photocopied books from some store owners.Where have we failed in our education system? First the free education mentioned above did not push our system of education to be competitive with our Caribbean neighbours. Our country failed to produce better graduates than Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, etc. The Caribbean is a very small space of about 6.5 million people, and our people are very far behind that small space.In many of our institutions in Guyana lots of non-Guyanese are working for higher salaries because our people are under-qualified to do the job. For us to better equip our people academically we will have to return to the old colonial system of back to basics such as Grammar, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Spelling, English, Reading, Dictation, Geography, History, etc.Today even some well qualified teachers cannot teach proper grammar to a child. Many students told me teachers are not taking time off to correct their assignments, so how will that child recognize his/her mistakes?Many of the subjects that are offered at high school are business subjects and not really tough subjects which will improve the student’s intellect and thinking power. The teaching of classical literature from Homer to Shakespeare should be reintroduced into our education system.The study of Latin, French, Spanish, Economics, Ethics, Logic, Literature, Astronomy, Biology, Physics, Political Science, Jurisprudence, Religion, Mathematics and the Social Sciences should be in our academic curriculum. All of these subjects will give our students a very comprehensive understanding about education.The nation’s wealth and prosperity comes from the value of her educated citizens. Rome ruled and governed the world once because of her supreme intellectual aptitude and power.We cannot compete with a modern civilized world without a classical education. What we need are dedicated teachers who will work for their salaries and not collect the government’s money by false pretences. The economic progress of this nation comes from education that is the key to our GDP and prosperity.We also need moral education which will include religious education in our schools and universities to build and improve the character of students. The end result of education is good character; that is the key to our moral, spiritual, intellectual and economic development.Yours faithfully,Rev Gideon Cecillast_img read more

Dissolution of Parliament is a must

first_imgDear Editor,The vulgar refusal of Mr Granger to dissolve Parliament in keeping with his obligations under the Constitution of Guyana further exposes the flagrant dictatorial hegemony of his and the PNC’s abuse of the presidential authority.Given the continuous and relentless exposure of their clandestine contaminating intent at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the cabal now attempts to further influence and scapegoat the organisation’s willing or unwilling patrimony to justify the ongoing exploitation of Guyanese decency. Citizens must, therefore, be prepared and decisively stop this runaway train now!Public media recently reported the most unacceptable and flimsy excuses proffered by Joseph Harmon who said that “there is a likelihood that additional funds would be needed to facilitate the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections,” while Mr Granger also spoke to the media about having to access funds in the event of national emergencies.The exigencies to which this abusive stand-in president refers are only in the conception of the PNC and their conveniently dumb coalition partners.Although by now, most citizens have recognised the untrustworthiness of Mr Granger and his cabal from the fallacies they have adumbrated, one would have hoped in advancing national interests for some form of validity in the cabal’s statements. These false pretences, however, would be quickly recognised and extinguished with even the most cursory examination of the GECOM financial scenario.The facts reveal that the organisation received over $9 billion between April 2019 and November 2019. In the 2019 National Budget, appropriations approved for GECOM amounted to $ 5.546 billion, while Parliament also approved an additional amount in the sum of $3.482 billion in May 2019. This was after James Patterson indicated to caretaker President Granger, that the Commission lacked the financial resources to facilitate early elections.Further, a substantial amount of money was ‘rolled over’ from 2018 for which GECOM must be accountable. It is of note that the Auditor General had serious questions with respect to the 2014 and 2015 Audit done for GECOM, and it is important that Mr Keith Lowenfield clear the entire documented audit queries in the interest of transparency.Certainly, GECOM will have to account for all excessive and lavish spending, and the GECOM budget must address the use of over $10 billion before other allocations are considered. How they will account for the use of these finances will be interesting because the House-to-House (H2H) activities were truncated, and GECOM never utilised more than $4 billion to conduct General and Regional Elections.At the time of writing, it is a known fact that audits for the years 2016, 2017, 2018, and now 2019 are pending. We must, therefore, not allow our taxpayers’ money to fund the reported thieving occurrences at the GECOM Secretariat. There is simply no trust, confidence, or accountability in the Lowenfield styled operations, even as we depend on the involvement of these same people to deliver credible elections.It is, therefore, necessary that Chairperson Justice Claudette Singh move swiftly to address the counterchecks towards restoring the trust, confidence, and accountability, that are critical to the delivery of free and fair elections. Further, the question of the renewal of Lowenfield’s contract must be carefully looked at and fully discussed at the level of the Commission, since the renewal of any staff contract falls under its mandate.Given the apparent conjuring up which resulted in the Lowenfield’s partisan H2H, it is very necessary for this column to sustain the strong public advocacy for improvements regarding the Secretariat’s apparent hesitancy to provide timely information with respect to the Revised List of Electors (RLE), and by extension, the Official List of Electors (OLE).Political parties expect to have sufficient time to scrutinise the RLE before GECOM produces the OLE. In this respect, they must be given a suitable period to review the changes, and not be over-rushed at Lowenfield’s fantasy.It is also a known fact that in addition to the PPP/C and APNU, there are at this time about six emerged parties who have signalled their intention to contest the upcoming elections. These parties would have to find backers of their list from the OLE and GECOM’s delays and inefficacy is not helping the process. Rather, the delayed approach would serve to complicate the fluency required in a transparent process.Readers would have observed that Vincent Alexander, after making all sorts of wicked and slanderous contrary remarks about the unuplifted ID cards, is now very quiet as GECOM agrees to an indefinite extension for citizens to pick up their ID cards. GECOM must also review the proposed plan to put out a supplemental list.Any supplemental list will be a challenge and it will lead to confusion. Notably, the truncated H2H Registration is in serious trouble given that cross-matching done in Jamaica is highly questionable, with over sixty thousand names being queried. While GECOM awaits the results of the cross-matching data, it is clearer that the H2H cannot be used as a consideration for the RLE and that exercise was a total waste of money and time.More serious is the fact that up to the last statutory meeting on Tuesday, the Commission was still waiting for the cross-matching results from the just-concluded Claims and Objections exercise. GECOM must produce the Revised List of Electors and all Guyanese are waiting to see the Official List of Electors. This has serious consequences for Nomination Day scheduled for January 10, 2020. The RLE will have to be out for public and party scrutiny twenty-one days before the CEO has his final say and produces the OLE.Now the ball is in the Illegal President’s court, as we all know that GECOM has enough money. So why wait? Dissolve Parliament now!Yours respectfully,Neil Kumarlast_img read more

Govt policy contributing to increase in poverty – fmr Minister

first_imgIDB regional poverty reportA recent Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report has placed Guyana at the top of the list of regional countries that have high levels of poverty.The IDB has also noted that this contributed to the high crime rate in Guyana and other countries with extreme poverty.Former Junior Finance Minister Juan EdghillFormer Junior Finance Minister Juan Edghill has claimed that the policies of the David Granger-led Administration were the main contributing factor to this development and things could only get worse given the decision the Government has taken to send home thousands of sugar workers by year-end.Speaking about the proposed plan to lay off thousands of sugar workers, Edghill told Guyana Times on Monday that this was only helping to add more people to the poverty line and this would in turn contribute to other issues. He noted that the move was senseless and did not bode well for Guyana.“By the layoffs and closure of estates, firing of over 1000 Amerindians and the slowdown of the economy, that is causing small businesses to reduce staff and no foreign direct investment; these are all issues that will trickle in and this is not helpful to Guyana and the people that live here,” he said.The former Minister pointed to the issue with the imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on lumber at different stages of production which continues to affect many small and medium-scale loggers. Edghill claimed that this move has led to many people in Linden, Ituni and Kwakwani being laid off or closing down their businesses, as they could no longer operate under such heavy taxes.“If you go these villages, the people there who used to be involved in some level of logging are no longer able to work. And that is because they have doubled taxes from 10 per cent to 20 per cent. They are no longer meaningfully engaged and that alone could tell you that they are finding it difficult to pay their loans and some people are already finding it hard to get jobs,” he explained.According to the IDB’s Reformulation, Upgrade and Expansion of Road Network report, compiled under the Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility Programme, 26.6 per cent of the population were “multi-dimensionally poor”. The IDB compared this with a regional average of 18 per cent.The report, which focused primarily on infrastructure and housing, went into detail about the real cost of housing deficiencies. The IDB noted that these shortfalls were perceived to contribute to crime rates. “In Georgetown, poverty is evident in various measures of the standard of living and housing deficits,” it stated. “Twenty-nine per cent of the population lives in overcrowded housing (of) over two people per room.”“Criminality in Georgetown is also high, 33.8 murders per 100,000 people; above the regional average of 26, perceived to be exacerbated by the lack of community facilities and public spaces. Basic infrastructure in new and established housing sites developed incrementally by [Central Housing and Planning Authority] CH&PA,” it added.The report acknowledged the work of the CH&PA, noting that there were programmes enabling housing construction and extensions by upgrading infrastructure, and allocation of land and titles. But it noted that much more needs to be done. The IDB also noted that local Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) lack sufficient institutional capacity for long-term site management.last_img read more

Ramos rescues Real to maintain six-point lead

first_img0Shares0000Real Madrid’s defender Sergio Ramos celebrates after scoring a goal during the Spanish league football match FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid CF at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on December 3, 2016 © AFP / PAU BARRENABarcelona, Spain, Dec 3 – Sergio Ramos’s stoppage-time equaliser maintained Real Madrid’s six-point lead at the top of La Liga as the European champions salvaged a 1-1 draw at Barcelona in Saturday’s El Clasico.Luis Suarez looked to have breathed new life into the title race when he headed home the opener from Neymar’s free-kick eight minutes into the second half. Neymar and Lionel Messi then passed up huge chances to add to Barca’s advantage, and the hosts were made to pay when Real captain Ramos met Luka Modric’s free-kick with a powerful header to stretch Madrid’s unbeaten run in all competitions to 33 games.“I have to once again highlight the heart of this team, they believed until the end and got the draw which is important,” said Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane.Barcelona’s forward Lionel Messi (C) vies with Real Madrid’s midfielder Luka Modric during the Spanish league football match FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid CF at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on December 3, 2016 © AFP / JOSEP LAGOBarca coach Luis Enrique lamented his side’s luck, but also blamed a lack of efficiency in front of goal as, for a fourth time in seven home league games, the Catalans dropped points.“The performance of the team was better than the opponent in my opinion. Football has been unfair to us,” said Enrique.“It is a huge blow for all of us but we have only played 14 games in the league and there is a long way to go.“We have to improve our performance and get better results, especially at home, because we are miles off where we want to be.”Before kick-off both sides came together to pay homage to the 71 victims that wiped out almost the entirety of Brazilian side Chapecoense’s squad in a plane crash in Colombia earlier in the week.However, once the action got underway old hostilities were renewed as Madrid screamed for a penalty less than two minutes in.Barcelona’s Brazilian forward Neymar (L) vies with Real Madrid’s Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo during the Spanish league football match FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid CF at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on December 3, 2016 © AFP / JOSEP LAGOLucas Vazquez went down under Javier Mascherano’s challenge, but referee Carlos Clos Gomez waved play on.Barcelona enjoyed the majority of possession, but with captain Andres Iniesta left on the bench on his return from a two-month injury layoff, lacked the creativity to break down Madrid before the break.At the other end the spotlight was on Cristiano Ronaldo more than ever in the absence of the injured Gareth Bale and following allegations of grand scale tax avoidance published by a series of European media organisations on Saturday.The Portuguese came to life towards the end of the first-half as he had Madrid’s first shot on target that was turned behind by Marc-Andre ter Stegen eight minutes before half-time and the German stood firm to deny another driven Ronaldo effort moments later.– Suarez strikes –However, Barca started the second-half on the front foot and got the goal they badly needed to kickstart their title defence when Neymar’s free-kick from the left found Suarez somehow unmarked to head home from point blank range.Iniesta was then introduced to a hero’s welcome and teed up Neymar for a huge chance to seal the three points 21 minutes from time.Real Madrid’s defender Sergio Ramos (C) heads a ball to score the equalizer past Real Madrid’s defender Raphael Varane (3rdL) and Barcelona’s defender Javier Mascherano (R) during the Spanish league football match December 3, 2016 © AFP / PAU BARRENAThe Brazilian skipped past Dani Carvajal, but blasted over the bar with the goal at his mercy.Iniesta then produced a sublime pass to lay the chance Messi had been waiting for all afternoon on a plate, but the Argentine pulled his effort wide of the far post with just Navas to beat.And Barca were made to pay for their profligacy as Ramos rose unmarked to power home Modric’s free-kick as the game entered stoppage time to silence the Camp Nou.Barca still had one final chance to snatch all three points, but Sergi Roberto’s looping header was cleared off the line as a first La Liga title in five seasons edged closer for Real.Atletico Madrid’s forward Yannick Ferreira Carrasco (L) vies with Espanyol’s midfielder Pablo Piatti during the Spanish league football match December 3, 2016 © AFP / GERARD JULIENA fine night for Real was rounded off as Atletico Madrid remain nine points back in fourth after being held to a 0-0 draw at home by Espanyol.Indeed, the Champions League finalists were thankful to goalkeeper Jan Oblak for even a point as he made brilliant saves from Gerard Moreno and Leo Baptistao.Third-placed Sevilla also slipped to defeat as Granada moved off the bottom with their first win of the season 2-1 at Nuevo Los Carmenes.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Authorities probe cause of fire at Lancaster strip mall

first_imgLANCASTER – Firefighters this morning were probing the cause of a blaze that broke out in a Lancaster strip mall early this morning. It took about 40 firefighters about 20 minutes to douse the flames after the 3:30 a.m. call at 2062 W. Avenue J in Lancaster. Firefighters arrived to the strip mall and saw heavy smoke coming from the roof of a Vons, said Los Angeles Fire Department Inspector Ron Haralson. There were no injuries. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img


first_imgLocal Fitness Instructor Nigel Drein and Marketer Steven Perry have come up with a novel concept of getting a group of well-known Letterkenny folk into full fitness and ready to undertake the mighty challenge of Gaelforce North on Saturday June 23rd.Well known local figures who are involved include Apprentice Finalist and Media Box Owner Joanne Sweeney-Burke, Town Mayor Gerry McMonagle, RPM Presenter Toni Kelly, Donegal GAA Coaching Officer Mick Murphy, as well as CJ McGinley of the Donegal News. In addition, a number of local entrepreneurs are getting involved; Barry Mackey of Sign of The Times, John Watson, Watson Hire, Gavin McDaid, Greenlight Media, Cathal Sheridan, C&M Embroidery and Paul Rodgers of Letterkenny Glass.Steven Perry who is involved in marketing this event said ‘having discussed the initial concept with Nigel we both felt it was something which could really work on a local level, help to get our contestants to work towards a common goal in a fun and engaging way and also we hope this will encourage members of the public to come along and join the gang in their training regime’.Nigel Drein is a well known sports guru in Letterkenny and is the founder of Motiv8 Fitness based in Glencar Business Park.Nigel said “the response we’ve received from all of our contestants is hugely encouraging. Each week we agree a personalised training plan and target for each person, with the ultimate goal of completing GaelForce North’ Motiv8 LK Fitness Camp begins on Monday May 7th Members of the public are encourage to join each session!Additionally Motiv8 Fitness is pleased to announce the launch of the Motiv8 Challenge Card – a points win prizes initiative, whereby fitness enthusiasts (or hopefuls!) can earn Motiv8 points by participating in fitness classes. Points cards are available to download through motiv8 website and facebook.For more information on Motiv8 LK see or Time!To celebrate the launch of Motiv8 LK, Donegal Daily in association with Motiv8 Fitness are giving one lucky person the chance to win a month’s free membership to Motiv8 Fitness as well as a goody bag containing Motiv8 LK T-shirt, rain jacket and gear-bag.To be in with a chance to win this prize simply answer the following question Name two of the celebrities involved in Motiv8 LK Fitness Challenge?Email your answer along with your name, address and telephone number to motiv8fit@gmail.comFor more information on Motiv8 LK see or date for receipt of entries is Friday May 11th. Usual website terms and conditions apply for competition.MOTIV8-ING DONEGAL TO GO IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! was last modified: May 6th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:MOTIV8last_img read more

Acton man’s fireworks set trailer on fire

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREFrumpy Middle-aged Mom: My realistic 2020 New Year’s resolutions. Some involve doughnuts.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! ACTON – An Acton man was injured Friday morning when he jumped through a window to try to escape from his burning mobile home. John Lawler was lighting firecrackers inside his trailer at River’s End Recreation Park on Soledad Canyon Road when one of the fireworks torched the trailer’s interior, sheriff’s Lt. Diane Walker said. “The fire was confined to one trailer,” Fire Inspector German Aguilara said. “We transported one person from the scene with minor injuries.” Firefighters reported the trailer as being engulfed in flames when they arrived. Walker said Lawler had burns and cuts from the broken window. He was booked into the jail ward of County/USC Medical Center on suspicion of arson and being under the influence of a controlled substance. (661) 257-5252last_img read more

IU Ties For Sixth at Hoosier Collegiate Golf Tournament

first_imgJake Brown closed with a 74 on Sunday and finished tied for 30th while Keegan Vea’s final round 76 also put him in a tie for 30th with a total score of 149. Rounding out the IU lineup was Brendon Doyle, who posted a 77 on Sunday to give him a tournament score of 152 and 47th place individually.Jack Sparrow, who was tied for third place entering Sunday’s final round while competing as an individual, carded a 76 on Sunday and finished in a tie for 18th, his best career finish.Christian Fairbanks tied for 56th with a score of 155 for the tournament after his final round 78 and Trevor Ranton was two spots behind him in a tie for 58th after also posting a final round 78 to put his total score at 156.Matthew Weber had a score of 164 for the tournament and Will Seger closed with a score of 165 over the two days.Indiana will play at the Boilermaker Intercollegiate next weekend at Purdue before playing at the Big Ten Championships the following week.Indiana Player ResultsPos.   Player                              Rnd 1       Rnd 2   Total  To ParT13    Andrew Havill                  72             74         146     +2T13    Max Kollin                        75             71         146     +2T30    Jake Brown                      75             74         149     +5T30    Keegan Vea                      73             76         149     +547      Brendon Doyle                75             77         152     +8 Indiana IndividualsT18    Jack Sparrow                   71             76         147     +3T56    Christian Fairbanks        77             78         155     +11T58    Trevor Ranton                 78             78         156     +1274      Matthew Weber              82             82         164     +2075      Will Seger                         80             85         165     +21 The Indiana men’s golf team posted a team score of 295 in Sunday’s final round of the Hoosier Collegiate at Otter Creek Golf Course, giving them a score of 590 for the two rounds and a tie for sixth place.Andrew Havill and Max Kollin led the Hoosiers, as they both finished with 36-hole totals of 146 and a tie for 13th place on the individual leaderboard, his best finish of the season and his second straight top 15 finish.  Havill carded a final round 74 while Kollin’s 1-under par 71 on Sunday was the best round by an IU player on the day.For Kollin, it is his best career finish at a tournament outside the Hoosier Invitational held at the IU Golf Course.center_img Team StandingsPos.   School                              Rnd 1       Rnd 2   Total To ParT1      Purdue                             291           287      578     +2T1      Miami (OH)                      297           281      578     +23        Xavier                               299           281      580     +44        Marquette                        293           294      587     +115        Northern Illinois              300           288      588     +12T6      Indiana                             295           295      590     +14T6      Ball State                          293           297      590     +148        Cincinnati                         301           291      592     +16T9      Valparaiso                        303           296      599     +23T9      IUPUI                                299           300      599     +2311      Loyola (MD)                     296           304      600     +2412      Toledo                              301           303      604     +2813      Wisconsin                         305           300      605     +29last_img read more